What is your refund / replacement policy?

We live in the era of internet shopping and busy delivery drivers. For the vast majority of orders, the delivery process works perfectly but, unfortunately, things do occasionally go wrong. Here in BeerCloud we want to be up front and honest with you about the issues that can occur when delivering your beer, as well as making clear our policy in each circumstance:

  • My Order Has Been Delivered to the Wrong Address – If this occurs please Contact Us as soon as you can and we will follow up with our delivery partner on your behalf;
  • The Tracking History for My Order Has Stopped Updating – In the event that there has been no update to the tracking history for more than 3 business days, please Contact Us and we will be happy to follow-up with our delivery partner on your behalf;
  • My Order Has Been Lost in Transit – In the event that our delivery partner verifies that your package has been lost, we will contact you give you the choice of receiving a replacement package, store credit or a full refund;
  • Some of My Order Has Arrived, But Some Is Missing – With larger orders, we frequently have to dispatch in multiple shipments. Sometimes this can mean that some parts of your order arrive ahead of others. If more than 3 business days have past since the first part of your order arrived, and the remainder still have not arrived, please Contact Us and we will follow up with our delivery partner on your behalf;
  • The Order That Arrived is Not What I Ordered – Oops! Looks like we goofed. Please Contact Us and we’ll see what we can do to sort this out for you.
  • My Package Has Been Damaged in Transit:
    • Minor Cosmetic Damage – From time to time boxes and cans can pick up minor cosmetic damage in transit e.g. ripped labels or dents. Please be assured that such damage does not affect the quality of the beer inside and so does not qualify for a refund or a replacement;
    • Substantial Damage – Occasionally a can/bottle can be subject to severe impact while in transit and can leak. In the event that your delivery contains a leaking item, you should refuse to accept it and instruct the delivery driver to “Return to Sender”. Upon receipt of the returned order, we will re-issue another order on your behalf, or alternatively provide you with store credit or a full refund.
    • My Order Is Incorrect – If this occurs please Contact Us as soon as you can and we will ensure that the problem is rectified. Please note: we do not issue refunds or offer uplifts for issues including, but not limited to, alterations to (or misprints on) brewery labels, alterations to packaging format, issues harvesting labels or bottle caps from products for the purpose of collection.



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