September 2023 Featured Beers (9 pack)


Our September 2023 Featured Beers!

A one-month sample of our 9-can service.

Blacks of Kinsale - KPA 330ml Can

The exciting fusion of Cascade and Citra hops inspires tropical & citrus flavours

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Galway Bay - Slow Lives 330ml Can

Brewed with German Pilsner malt, Saaz hops, Galway water and lager yeast. Beautifully clean and crisp with classic bready malt.

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White Hag - Roc Helles Lager 440ml Can

Roc Helles is a subtle spicy, floral hops, combined with restrained bitterness, keep the balance malty, but not sweet. .

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Lineman - Undertone 440ml Can

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Kinnegar - Scraggy Bay 440ml Can

A quintessential 'go to' IPA of our collection. Scraggy Bay is a balanced coppery ale with a bite of hops.

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Reel Deel - Irish Blonde 440ml Can

Reel Deel's easy going Irish Blond Ale that you can have on any occasion.

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Porterhouse - XXXX Stout 440ml Can

XXXX refers to the alcohol level and the depth of flavour in this stout.

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Rascals - Happy Days 330ml Can

A mouth watering hop combination of Vic Secret, Citra, Cascade, Mosaic and Hull Melon

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Bullhouse - Frank The Tank 440ml Can

An all Mosaic hazy IPA. It oozes notes of tropical fruit, blueberries and bubblegum.

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