November 2023 Featured Beers (6 Pack)


Our November 2023 Featured Beers!

A one-month sample of our 6-can service.

Dungarvan - Greenway 440ml Can

A bright and refreshing pale ale that is sure to quench your thirst for a long day's adventure.

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Dead Centre - Marooned 440ml Can

Our flagship beer, Marooned IPA, is a fruity, juicy ale on a base of Pale Malt, Red X and exceptional quality Oatmeal from Kilbeggan Organic Oats.

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Sesh Beer Co - Sesh Sour 330ml Can

Sesh Sour is a tart and fruity, raspberry ale. The addition of fresh raspberries perfectly complements its sourness, making it an extremely refreshing and slammable brew.

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Bullhouse - Merc Bro 440ml Can

The legendary triple dry hopped NEIPA hopped with Cashmere, Sabro and Citra.

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Lineman - Fluid Dynamic 440ml Can

Neither malt nor hops dominate Fluid Dynamic. Instead, they play nicely together, offering layers of aroma and flavour throughout.

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Bullhouse - Ar gCairde Bramble Sour 440ml Can

Ar gCairde Bramble Sour is a collaboration brew between Bullhouse Brew Co and Mo Chara in Dundalk this is a tangy berry bomb, best served with a lashing of sunshine if you can get your hands on some. Slàinte Folks

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Out of Stock

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