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  • deadcentrebeerbox
    Dead Centre

    Dead Centre – Gift Box

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    A perfect gift box of Dead Centre beers including two LimiDEAD Editions.

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    Gifts Ideas & Merch

    Gift Voucher

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    The perfect gift for any beer enthusiast. Vouchers available for use on-site immediately.

  • Beer Boxes

    Outside The Box

    47.50 Read more

    12 beers we bet you’ve never tried before! From Brett Ales to Kettle Sours. A toast to curiosity…

  • BeerCloud Darker Night Beer Box
    Beer Boxes

    The Dark Nights Beer Box

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    If Stouts, Dark Lagers & Brown Ales are your thing, then look no further than the Darker Nights Beer Box.

  • BeerCloud Double Trouble Beer Box
    Beer Boxes

    The Double Trouble Beer Box

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    Big beers for the big day! Get your full Christmas stash in one easy click. A gift from you to you!

  • Beer Cloud No Lo Low Alcohol Beer Box
    Beer Boxes

    The No/Lo Beer Box

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    We stock some of the finest no/low alcohol beers made in Ireland. This Beer Box brings them all together.

  • Beer Boxes

    The Provincial Pack (Connaught)

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    12 of the finest beers from breweries all across Connaught. When it comes to craft beer, the west is awake!

  • Beer Boxes

    The Provincial Pack (Leinster)

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    12 of the finest beers from breweries all across Leinster. Nothing beyond the Pale about this collection!

  • Beer Boxes

    The Provincial Pack (Munster)

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    12 of the finest beers from breweries all across Munster. This is the one Paul O’Connell is asking Santa for.

  • Beer Boxes

    The Provincial Pack (Ulster)

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    12 of the finest beers from breweries all across Ulster. Pale Ales, Rye Ales and even a bottle of cider. A great mix!

  • The Biden Box. A selection of american style beers
    Beer Boxes

    The Biden Box

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    12 Irish-made American-style beers. The perfect selection to toast the 46th President of the United States!

  • Beer Boxes

    The Primer Pack

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    The perfect beer box for anyone starting out on their craft beer journey. Welcome aboard!

  • Beer Boxes

    The Progression Pack

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    A selection of beers for anyone ready to take the next step on their craft beer journey.

  • Beer Boxes

    The Pro Pack

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    Beer box containing some of our more unique beers. Suitable for the craft beer aficionado.

  • Beer Boxes

    The Covid Collection

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    Our limited edition beer box will help any craft beer enthusiast through these toughest of times.

  • Image for the Mystery Box. A random selection of Irish Craft BEer
    Beer Boxes

    The Mystery Box

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    12 cans randomly selected from the 300+ beers we offer. Go on, roll the dice and see what you get!

  • Beer Boxes

    The Pub Pack

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    The Pub Pack is a specially designed beer box that gets you as close to the comfort of the bar counter as possible!

  • Beer Boxes

    The Hop Harvest Beer Box

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    It’s harvest time, and to celebrate we’ve put together a beer box containing a wide range of our favourites.

  • Beer Boxes

    The Porter Pack

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    A staff pick of the best stouts, porters and dark beers for you to enjoy. A great Beer Box for the winter!

  • Beer Boxes


    40.00 Read more

    12 of the finest IPAs we have to offer. Always one of our most popular beer boxes.

  • Beer Boxes

    December 2020 Beer Box

    27.0050.00 Select options

    Try a one-month sample of our Beer Box Subscription service! Delivery included in the advertised price.

  • Beer Boxes

    Beer Box Subscription

    From: 27.00 / month Select options

    Treat yourself, or a loved one, to a monthly bundle of the best craft beer Ireland has to offer.

  • sample samplke
    Dead Centre

    Dead Centre – Members Collective Membership 2020/2021

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    Exclusive access to DCB members’ beers, virtual tasting sessions and discounts at Dead Centre Brewing.

  • Dead Centre

    Dead Centre Brewing 1L Growler

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    This season’s must have! An amber glass growler, CE stamped 1L with swing-top and handy carry handle!

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