A High Court dispute between two craft beer-brewing firms has been settled

Whiplash Beer Limited had brought proceedings against The Dublin Lager Company Limited, trading as Larkins Brewing Company. Craft beer dispute

The two companies operate out of a shared facility at Renmore Business Park, Kilcoole, Co Wicklow, which is owned by the defendant.

Last month Whiplash secured a temporary injunction craft beer dispute against the Dublin Lager Company claiming the defendant company had prevented one of Whiplash’s owners and director’s Mr Alex Laws from entering the premises.

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It claimed that Mr Lawes, an award-winning brewer, needed access to the premises and his absence has created uncertainty over the business.

The injunction, which was granted on an ex-parte basis, prevented the defendant firm from interfering with Whiplash’s business, it was claimed.

The order also prevented the craft beer dispute defendant from stopping anyone from Whiplash, represented in court by Rory Kennedy Bl, entering into the shared premises.

The defendant company denied any wrongdoing and through its counsel Eugene Gleeson SC sought to have the injunction lifted.

An application for the injunction to remain in place until the case had been resolved was due to be heard by the court.

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Following a recommendation by Mr Justice David Barniville the sides agreed that the matter should go to mediation.

When the case returned before the court today Ms Justice Leonie Reynolds was told by Rory Kennedy Bl for Whiplash the mediation had resulted in a settlement, and the case could be struck out.

No details of the settlement were given in open court.

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