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The Dinged and Dented Box


A collection of mystery beers that have all seen some ‘rough and tumble’! Beers in cans that have been dinged and dented.

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12 cans of high quality, great tasting Irish Craft Beer. Why so cheap? Simple. The cans in this box are all showing signs of cosmetic damage. These are the cans that didn’t get the TLC they deserved when being transported either to or from our warehouse. Rather than letting these beers gather dust, we’re offing them to you at a discount rate!


  • The cans are dented, but the beer is perfect.
  • This box is not suitable as a gift.
  • Damage will include dents, dings and label wear/tear.
  • None of these beers are short dated and all beers have plenty of shelf life.
  • What do the dents and dings look like? See product images for sample damage.





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